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Instructions for Conference Application

Please read carefully before filling the form.
These instructions are to serve as a guide to all applicants in filling of the conference application forms. Please note that the general conditions detailed are requirements expected from all applicants who participate in conferences, workshops and/or congresses.

For additional information, refer to Recorder No. 258 June, 2003 Vol. 35 No. 13   

General Conditions

  1. Applications should be made at least two (2) months before the start of the conferences, workshops and/or congresses.
  2. Application shall be made to the Chairman of the Research and Conferences Committee through the Head of Department, Dean and Provost.
  3. The research and conference application form should be filled with a copy of the invitation letter and any relevant information about the Conference attached to the application.
  4. Consideration will be given to applicants who are presenting papers/posters/exhibits and these must have been accepted by the organizers of the conferences, workshops and/or congresses.
  5. An abstract of the accepted paper/poster/exhibit should be attached to the application.
  6. After the conference, workshop and/or congress, participant should within one (1) month upon return, submit a minimum of one-page report of his/her participation to the Head/Dean (if he/she is a Dean/Director , to the VC)  with a copy to the Secretary, Research and Conference Committee.
  7. Where the participant presented a paper at the Conference, the Department/Faculty/College shall assist the participant to organize a workshop for staff and students of the Department.

Section A-D

  1. All items in this section must be clearly filled/typed with no omissions.
  2. The Head of Department and/or Dean, and the Provost MUST complete and sign the sections B, C, and D respectively for the application to be considered valid.
  3. Support sought in the form of air ticket should be substantiated with a minimum of three (3) invoices detailing the airlines and cost of ticket.
  4. Any other form of financial support sought from the University (such as conference fees, accommodation, commutation etc) must be backed with evidence.
  5. Please click to download Conference Application form